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Helicopter Maintanance Log/Rules Ideas

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Hey guys and gals,


I have recently got a gig flying corporate. This company just bought their first R44 Raven II. So, as being the new pilot in a new aviation position for a company, I have been asked to come up with some things from scratch. I have some ideas for this stuff already, but would like to see what other pilots might of thought of that I didn't. After all two heads are better than one. The first thing is a helicopter maintenance log (other than the engine and aircraft logs) that we could use as a quick reference here in the office, something like excel. The other thing they want me to come up with is a sheet that we will submit to employees that will be flying in the helicopter, the insurance company, etc. On that list they gave me categories which include:


Maintenance - Including minor things such as wiping the helicopter down after each flight, etc...


Flying - Aircraft will only be flown by a commercial pilot that meets the minimum standards set by the insurance company, FAA, etc...


Logs - Aircraft and engine logs will be secured in a fireproof safe kept in the corporate office etc...


Conduct - Pilot will be professional and courteous at all times

PAX will respect pilots’ workload etc...


Safety and security - If helicopter is left unattended either at an airport or at an off airport landing, it will be locked

- Pilot will check with a minimum of two FAA approved WX facilities before conducting a flight etc...


Planning - Prior to each flight, the pilot will plot the flight with appropriate current charts and make a flight plan to include route, frequencies, fuel available, etc...


Performance - Helicopter shall never be flown over MGW (2500lb.)

- Helicopter will be flown in accordance with the P.O.H. etc...


Costs - Costs will be logged on helilog sheets which will include this, that, and the other thing, and will be tallied at the end of each week and e-mailed to the appropriate party.


Cleaning - Helicopter shall be washed and vacuumed once a week and waxed once a month etc...


Communication - ????


I know this is probably a very boring thing for you guys/gals, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Landings shall only be at FAA approved airports or heliports. Off airport landings shall only be conducted with the written authority of the chief pilot.

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I don't know how big your company is, but maybe a hierarchy of people who will be flying in the helicopter. Like if some people need it, but also others need it to go to a different airport, the more important people will take priority.


Thanks Slick,


We have a schedule that I'll put together and e-mail to all buyers, execs, etc. It's on a first come first serve basis. Of course there are exceptions, if an exec wants to take a buyers seat, well guess what. The company is pretty big, we have 30 retail stores over 5 states. I appreciate the reply.

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Anyone flying a Robbie ( 22 or 44) should have completed the Robinson Factory Safety Course...most require within the last 3 or 5 years.

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