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Cheers people,


22 days before my fire contract starts - I get tasked with a "TSA background/security clearance" obligation. Got to be completed within 14 days or the computer dumps your file.


So, I went to the web site, started the "process" - and hit a WALL. It's the most f*cked up survey I've ever seen! Instead of being user friendly - it's set up for geeks/nerds. You can't list your employers and the years you worked - you have to fill in EACH employment period by who you worked for, what you did, and why you got laid off. WTF!! I've f*cked with this site for TWO days - and I'm NO closer to getting through it than when I started!


I've flown 43 years - with 14,000+ hrs, and I'm about to put them in my pocket,walk away and say "f**k You" and get a job at WallyWorld as a "Greeter". At least there, within 5 years - I'll be an assistant manager or better. Here in the "fire industry" - I'm religated to what the .gov decides I'm worth.


I've HAD it!!! Keep this post available to you - there's probably going to be a 212 opening really SOON! Mine.



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