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Helicopter Renters Checklist


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Hey all,

I'm thinking about putting together a sort of "renter's checklist" to give my students...

I want it to be a comprehensive list of all the things to look out for/keep in mind when renting from an unfamiliar operator.


Obviously there will be things like:

-Airframe/powerplant logbook; Documentation -

Current entries?

AD compliance?


Annual inspected by the IA?

POH in order?



-Operators insurance? Renters insurance?


-Thorough preflight of aircraft...

Dash-4 blades on R-22, New double-rivited tailcone assy? Etc...

Clean, tidy aircraft?

Accident history?


-Face to face with the mechanic & operator...


-Is the price unusually high/low?


Stuff like that.

I am also of the opinion that one should never rent an unfamiliar Robinson helicopter until having attended the Robinson Safety Course... At which time they should have a more complete grasp of the mechanical side of that particular Make of helicopter.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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