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The great revival in the helicopter industry - myth or miracle?

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HAI was abuzz with people telling us all how very healthy the industry is, with full order books and almost insatiable demand, and with manufacturers able to sell everything they build.


So why are Sikorsky, Bell, MDH, and all the other smaller US manufacturers not sending a single civilian helicopter to the Paris air show? Not one, between the whole lot of them.


Do they not need to make the effort in Europe, because European orders would just be too much to cope with?


Do they think that such participation isn't worth the candle, and have better things to do with every aircraft at their disposal, or at the disposal of their distributors?


Or do they think that the boom is a US phenomenon only, and that dirt poor Yoorpeen queers can't afford helicopters?


Or is all this talk of boom a lot of danglies?

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