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Guest pokey

I've done a few dumb things as a pilot and a mechanic,,, luckily no-one got hurt <_<


Friend of mine a few years back had a B I G ole Chrysler w/ front disc brakes & came by the hangar one day & asked if he could use my jack & tools to change his front pads. I tole him that i'de even help & he did one side while i did the other. On the test drive there was this horrendous scraping noise, we pinned it down to "my side" , upon disassembly of my work, the noise was obvious,,,some dumba** put the friction side of one of the pads facing the piston :lol: ( i guess i mustah liked the way they looked together BOTH facing the same way?) :blink:


This one is even better ! :huh: If anyone out there has ever changed the cylinder on a 300, you know what a bear it can be, (especially if it's not one of the easy-access ones). I was changing one of the difficult ones & "recruited" a non rated mechanic to assist me. We wrestled w/ that dam thing for about 1/2 hour to get it back up on the engine. After we finally got it up on there & on the studs,,, i noticed that we had installed it upside down, ya know the intake & exhaust ports should face DOWN not UP !! :lol: :lol: Now this is the BEST part,,,, ya know how when ya do something dumb, your mind is one step ahead of ya once ya realize what ya done,,,,,, my 1st initial reaction was: "how can i get the exhaust & intake pipes to come out the top"


Ready for another? My friend had just gotten a new radio installed in his plane, we were looking at the old one as he asked me if i knew anyone that may want it. Just then ( he keeps a base station radio in his hangar) I hear someone announce they are on final for runway 25 & immediately wondered "HTF is this radio talking w/ out being connnected to anything?! :mellow: ( my friend got a kick outta that one)



One more. I have a 2nd floor in my hangar/shop that has a nice view of the runway. & a few planes tied down nearby. My friend had his 150 tied down out there. One day when we were up in the office looking out & talking,,,,(BTW i was planning on moving out of this hangar at the time) He turns to me & says " ya know? i'de like to take this hangar when you move, so i can keep an eye on my plane" like DUH it'll be IN the hangar then ! :P

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