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VA & GI Bill

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Hey Gary.

Try Falcon Airlink in Asheville NC. They have a web site. The bad thing is they have an Enstrom F28F and charging $450.00 for it. I Like the Enstrom, but $450 an hour I don't think so. It's set up for Inst training, They're using a H269 for primary traning. Shoot me an email at kghelopilot@bellsouth.net. Glad to hear from you. I'd like to catch up. There's also NC Rotor &Wing. They have 3 locations in NC and a web site. Tomlinson Aviation up in Elkin NC. They have a S/H300 cbi and a web site as well. That's all I can think of right now.



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Hey Kevin,


I'll e-mail you so we can catch up. Hope you're doing well. I have been talking to Sandy over in Elkin and he wants me to come fly with him. Trying to get a good rate and he's supposed to check with the Tomlinson owner to see if the Elkin operation is considered 141 so I can use GI Bill and VA. Tomlinson won't do my CFI anyhow because I didn't do my commercial with them. It's a policy they have because of the touchdown autos. But, they might if I'll do a commercial refresher with them.


Talk soon and thanks again,



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