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Has anyone worked with applebee aviation

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Hi yall pilots out there! Has anyone heard of applebee aviation? I saw there ad and website and it looks like a good place. But I wanted the opinion of the vertical reference crew. Has anyone done any training, turbine apprentice course, ag work with them. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't know much, but I do know that their "turbine apprentice course" isn't free. In fact it's far from it. That's just what I heard so could be way off. But, once you're through the course and they like you, they have some good job opportunities. I'd just give them a call, I'm sure they're used to the questions. Good luck.

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I got slapped in the face the last time I did this but I’m just trying to help not be a smart a$$.


In case you haven’t seen this previous thread talking about Applebee, here is the link.


My only experience with them is through a couple of phone calls. Tried to set-up numerous appointments to stop by and visit their facilities but they canceled last minute on me EVERY time. That was a huge red flag in my book and they quickly got checked off the list.




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Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to add my two cents.

I have trained and worked for Applebee aviation.

I have had a great experience here’s why, Lets face it us Students are not rich, or at least I'm not I had to pay my way through my PPL, financing wasn't an enough to get my all the way. So look at it this way Everyone who is determined to fly and willing to do what it takes has to work to pay for training so one day we can be working for ENG, EMS or utility, or whatever your goal. Reading through so of the threads here and most people work for other places like bars, janitors, etc, and that works for them. In my case I had the privilege to work for Applebee aviation. And plan on going back in June and July to do seasonal work. As I was working for them I was constantly exposed to all facets of Helicopter Aviation, I mean all! I gained so much knowledge from just being there like mechanical from the Mechanic, Top Notch. I was able to assist and see first hand how work on a c18 turbine engine. I was able to talk to the FAA and DPE's on a personal basis about how the FAR AIM was written and why certain things are written the way they are. I was able to log turbine time "when I had the money" but turbine time non-the less. I saw first had how a 135 check ride goes. I have been a pilot since 2004 and I actually started my training at Quantum Helicopters in Chandler, AZ. They were ok but I got CFI's who ultimately just wanted to get there 1000 hours and Jump ship. I don’t think that’s Quantum’s fault by any means but I mean really everyone who is in this career is looking for that best option for them! For me Applebee Aviation was the best choice anyone can choose.

Fly safe-

Toby Vigil

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Be patient, fly tours, instruct, whatever you need to do to get your 1000, then go to the GOM, Alaska, or the Canyon and let them pay for your training. Applebee and other places like it are crooks in my opinion, preying on young aviators with the promise of a shortcut into the industry. If you're a rated, competant, commercial pilot they need to be paying YOU, not the other way around. Everyone on here needs to realize that when you market yourself as a whore, either paying for training (other than initial), or doing jobs for free to get hours, you bring down the value of EVERY SINGLE helicopter pilot in the industry. Yeah, flight instructing pays nothing, we all know it, but it's an honest paycheck for an honest days work.

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Applebee Aviation has a good reputation for cheating low time pilots out of money and promising hours that they have every intention not to give. Turbine Trans - a joke!! Long-line course - a rip-off. Their helicopters are almost always broken down; the business owner in my opinion is a sleezeball. Please do some investigating with the FAA & ask for and talk to at least six references before you give this guy a penny!!!

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I am still limitedly employed with AA, and heres the real scoop. I was feeling pretty desperate when I walked into Applebee aviation, being a cfi at a failing flight school ( not silverstate) with about 400 pic. when I finally Yanked all the info I could out of Mike Applebee I came to this conclusion.

20 grand gets you training in a md 500 or bell206b3

This helps him weed out pilots he does not like, while balancing his risk with cash.

Once on board he will send you out on one of three contracts , Cherry drying

frost patrol, or bird chasing. you get paid squat (320 a week plus 15 a flight hour) which would be good if you got to fly a bunch. My expieriance was cherry drying, and so far I worked a month an a half and logged 20 hours on the job. But in this time I was trusted with a bell 206, to fly in pretty gnarly conditions, including rainy low vis conditions while surounded by wires and wind machines. The work was really fun and challenging believe it or not. I happened to catch mikes eye By receiving a good word from his safty pilot and am on the books for future endevors like christmas tree harvesting. Others didnt fair as well but will all recieve what was promised to them.36 hours in a turbine. This company is not giving hand outs, But I do not regret my decision for helping me out of the low time cfi slump we all have felt and boosting my confidence in the commercial world. If Tthey come through and I get to do some long line work I will have been put in some situations where I can earn My stripes and become a marketable pilot. thanks for listening, Your friend Brian

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