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Well, I have done some work with state prisons and I know of one guy who served time (I don't know what for) then when he got out he took lessons and got his pilot certificate, for airplanes. I know of another guy who had his certificate before going in, and he told me that when he gets out he can continue flying.

It might depend on the type of offense, although I'm not sure. On the other hand, maybe that sort of thing is not investigated.

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Being turned down for a job because of a felony conviction isn't unusual, legal or not. My advice would be to not ask, don't mention it unless they ask you. But don't lie about it if asked or if it's on the application. You can legally be fired for lying on the application.

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Does anyone know if a felony in your past disqualifies you from flying? If yes for how long? For life, or just for x number of years? Of course I mean non-violent offences only. What are the rules on this? Would this cause you trouble finding employment later?


I was convicted of a few lapses in judgement as a youth and am in the process of getting my medical right now. Have the infamous avation attorney as a friend and he showed me in the medical qualifications on FAA.GOV where the applicant can not pose a security risk. Definately a grey area. Priors for smuggling to road rage sound like they could be disqualifying. For the 65 bucks its worth applying if flying is a passion. Good luck.

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