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Can anyone give me a ballpark figure of how much one will make on a fire contract? I'm looking to enter the helicopter industry and am researching possible career paths. Thanks for any advice.

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By the time you get there, (years) wages will be quite different. It's not something you will start out as...


Wages will be based upon experience, and supply and demand. More experience usually equals more pay. But more experience does not always equal more ability. Less ability equals less pay.


Seniority does not count here, you have to earn your "right" to be a part of the industry.


Sorry, but that is life in the rotary world...

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One person told me he made-I think it was-somewhere around $30K for about a four month contract. I understand also that he was working every day with little time off.


Anyway, I think that's what he told me, I might be a little off.



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