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Dallas/FW Schools

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I just thought id share with anyone who seems to be lost when it comes to researching for the infamously "perfect flight school"....I have done a whole lot of research on many schools in texas, yes even silver state, and right as i thought i was going to have to start searching outside of texas i decided to look into the Dallas FW area schools; Summit and Longhorn and found them both to be great schools with honest hard working staff through and through. Summit was the first school i visited and i was very pleased with the way they treated me. Jason is a great guy and seems to a work-a-holic which tells me he runs a tight ship. Krystal who works the front desk was SOOO helpful in sorting out my dif. financial options and was really eager to answer all of my questions. They took me through the facilities "which they said they will be upgrading from soon" and i was really impressed with the well kept and well maintained learning environment that had for the students and the hanger was absolutely spotless! Their helicopters were top notch and everything was in place. Then after all that i took a day to gather my thoughts and set up a meeting with Longhorn Helicopters out of Denton with is just north of FW and was recommended to me by a buddy due to its great location in relativity to my brothers house in Argyle which happens to be 10 min. away from Denton Air Port. haha. Not knowing what to expect due to the lack of information on Longhorn i was skeptical at first but i figured what the heck its just 10 minutes. So my brother and i took off and checked'em out and were again blown away by the down to earth straight shootin hospitality Dale and his staff delivered to BOTH my brother and i. They have TONS of experience (over 100 years of fight exp. between the three main instructors) and another new instructor by the name of Jim who i think is a very polite and professional. They expressed great interest in the quality of training they give to each of their students and just like Summit they have VERY clean and well organized hangers with helicopters that seem to be treated with great care and attention. With all that said i will also add that what impressed me the most about both schools was that each one encouraged me to visit the other schools and had nothing but great things to say about each one. Which tells me they understand how big of an investment this is for any student and encourage the best decision for YOU as a student not them as a school.




PS: I am planning on going with Longhorn Helicopters once i move to argyle with my brother due to its 10-15 min. drive rather then the 45-50 min. drive to Summit. But like i said in my post; both of these schools are TOP NOTCH and deserve much respect and positive pub. and i am sure that rocky point and sky along with any others i missed out on are also run the same way.


(Oh BTW Silver State was my first school to visit and WOW was i lucky. First; dont sign ANYTHING that agrees to you paying over $60,000 in training before you even crack a book or grab the collective. Second; when one school discourages you looking into other schools and would rather talk only about why their school is better then EVERYONE else’s and dosent ask a single question about your future goals as a helicopter pilot/trainee, then you must think twice about what you are getting into. Oh and lastly walk away if the first pitch is about employment as an instructor with THEM after you graduate in 6 months. "HA HA" shouldnt we learn how to fly first.... BEFORE we make promises about employment?!?!)



just thought id share....hope i helped someone :D

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