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looking out for the future

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Hi, I am a A@P Mech with 4 years of Bell 206 and 407 mech time. Also, I am currently holding a private and instrument ticket in helicopter and attending flight school to get my commercial. After commercial I will also get my CFI rating too. Beside flying helicopters I am a current private fix wing pilot with about 180 hr of flight time.


What I want to know is there any employers out there that would be intrested in a helicopter pilot with a good back ground in maintenance once I build up around 600 to a 1000 hrs. Please, don't direct me to the GOM I already know about them!!!

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Just keep your eyes and ears open. As you know we are a small community. I have a friend that fly’s for GRDA (Grand River Dam Authority) around the Tulsa area. He got the job because they were specifically looking for an A&P/Commercial pilot.\


One thing to think about is looking into the tuna industry. I bet there are some boats looking for pilots to spot tuna and be able to fix/repair helicopter problems. That would save them money for not having to pay two different people.


All in all, you will have an upper hand. FW, RW, and A&P, now that’s impressive! Now just get you IA and you can do EVERYTHING. :o


Good luck, I'll post here if I hear anything.



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