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FAA CFII equates to JAA ???


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I am sure this has been addressed here before, but I appreciate all your help. I was having trouble trying to find this on FAA.gov, or JAA's website. How does an american CFII lisence translate to JAA standards. So if I was looking to fly in a JAA govered country like Turkey how would my CFII translate?



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Both are ICAO contracting states.


This means that they each have signed unilateral agreements to basic recognise flight training by each other.


However, only at the level of Private pilot will there be a direct conversion, allowing you to go and fly as a private pilot abroad with minimum hastle, say in a rented aircraft whilst on holiday.


For any commercial work, it is usual that the state will require some further testing (particularly in their air law) before a conversion will be granted. You might also need to do some sort of pilot check, or have a certain number of hours on type before they will issue a converted licence. This is at the discretion of that state.


Also for conversion requirements are that your home licence is valid and you have a home-medical less than 6 months old.


If you wish to instruct people to gain the oversea's licence than a direct conversion is not normally possible. You will probably need a 'instructor' flight check and overseas licence and maybe a couple of written tests.


Additionally, if you wish to do FAA instruction abroad (and in overseas aircraft), then there are specific rules about this both from the FAAs side and the oversea administration's side. This is generally allowed, but flight checks must be done in N-registered aircraft.


When instructing abroad, remember that any local regualtions supercede or are in addition to your home countries priviages and limitations. Even though you are permitted by your home-licencing authority, you still might not be able to do that if the overseas authority forbids it.


So really, the best thing to do is to look up the overseas's licence conversion terms or talk to a potential employer. http://www.shgm.gov.tr/index_en.html Not a very useful link to the Turkish Aviation Department!!!!



Turkey is indeed a JAA member. The JAA was supposed to 'unite' the Civil Aviation Government Authority of Europe but that has not happened. Instead, there are different 'flavors' of each state, such as the UK CAA, French system, etc.


So if you were converting a JAA licence, the whole process would be a lot easier - more like a paperwork exercise. However, each of the members are entitled to impose their own requirements.


Each country is proud of its own training standards. Remember they are not going to give anyone a licence. You will have to suit their criterea first, and each country will have conversion criterea.


The other thing is not to think that this is an easy way to get a JAA licence out of an FAA licence. Any converted license is just that...a converted licence! It is issued on the validity of your home-licence. The only way to get a full JAA licence in its own right is essentially to take all the exams and flight tests.





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