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Finished my CFI


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First post here so I just wanted to say hi! Just finished my CFI at Northern Skies Aviation (hardest checkride I've ever had), starting on my CFII today if it stops snowing. Hopefully I'll have that done by the end of the month and I can find a job. Great bunch of guys (and gals) there. My instructor made a huge effort to help me pass. He even took time on his day off to help me write my resume.


Now that I am trying to find a job what should I be looking for in a potential employer? I know what to look for as a student but would it be the same for a CFI?




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First off, let me start with a congratulations. The CFI checkride is certainly no cake walk. Personally, my CFII checkride was the most difficult. It was about a 12 hour day.


Anyway, when I completed my training, it took me about three months to find employment. Luckily it was a great place to work. My boss (the owner) ended up being a really good friend of mine that I still keep in touch with. He was also one of my students and never questioned my decisions which made it nice.


I would say when you go check out a potential employer, look at the equipment and maintanance program. If you feel comfortable with that, go for it. It's hard to be too picky on the pay at the CFI level. Keep in mind the location as well, weather-wise. Most CFI's only get paid when they are flying or teaching ground. Maybe talk to some of the other CFI's to get a feel of how the work environment is.


That's all I can think of now. I'm sure others will chime inc eventually. I think the whole SSH ordeal is keeping everyone busy for now.


Good luck.



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