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NVG compatible torch V² green and white

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Hi all,


from a thread at PPRuNe incited, I contacted a local manufacturer of torches and they told me, that they have a torch, which might fit my needs.

I ordered one to check it out.


By now I´ve received my little new torch, used it during night shift - and I love it.


The green LED doesn´t disturb the NVG at all and the 5 white LEDs are so bright, that preflight and refueling at night is a piece of cake.


I made a short video, so that you can have a look as well



The switch for the white light is black and is furrowed, while the switch for the green light is green ;-) and smooth.

Without gloves easy to feel - but I think, even with gloves you find the right light.


The white light is more than sufficent for preflight and refueling - but not for long long distance illumination.

I personaly like it, to have white light until starting the engines, having a chance to see wether the a/c is just wet from rain - or may be leaking hydraulic fluid.....

Now I only need to take one torch with me for NVG operations.


Shorter than the MiniMag, supplied by the boss, it fits easy in a pocket - but is to thick to be placed into a pencilpocket.

Nevertheless, normaly for night operations, I have a keyband attached to my lights and have that around my neck anyway, so pulling the torch out of the pocket is no problem at all...


Greetings Flying Bull

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