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Owner of a lonely heart

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I spend many months away from my home and my wife, and sometimes it gets to me. Im not

saying I suffer from depression, but living out of a suitcase, and motels sometimes, even though

I make good money, is just about to much.

Here are some of the things that I do to help, even though they may seem small, they help.


Take a really hot shower, Im talking really hot steaming lenghthy, steam the hole darn room


Treat your self to a really good meal, Im talking steak, seafood, or whatever you like, if you

are from louisiana, could be a momentary overtemperature.

Comedy is really a good one, something that makes you laugh, a movie, comedy channel


Go for a drive, screw the gas prices, go for a drive.

I once spent 8 days in Jackson Miss. to wet to burn timber tracks, went to the ag museum

and a prtrafied forest.

I have spent time cleaning my cockpit up, I'm talking clean.

Phone a freind.


Exercize, this is one that I am not good at, but when I do exercize, even a little I feel better.

Please feel free to add to this I need all the help I can get.

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