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Flying in the Reserves

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Hey everyone, after doing tons of reading on the forums here I just went and spoke with a recruiter, and discussed the "street to seat" program in the reserves. From what I've been reading you have to be prior service to enlist in the national guard, and I don't fall into that boat.


So here's some questions, primarily concerning the reserves but I'm interested to hear what the national guard guys have to say as well.


  • So is anyone currently flying in the Army Reserve?
  • Are the reserves any different in flying time and activities compared to the National Guard? What do your months look like?
  • Are you actually flying the "one weekend a month" or more often?
  • Are you pretty much activated and deployed immediately to Iraqistan in the reserve or is it different?


That should do it for now, thanks in advance for any info/suggestions!

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The answer is... Yes, No, and Maybe...



Common misconception is that the Reserves/Guard have less hour requirements because they are part time... Bull. We have the same hour requirements as the Active duty guys, and in fact, I flew a Chinook BEFORE many of my active duty counterparts following flight school because I was GUARD. However, you are correct, you can not go 'street to seat' in the Guard, only in the Reserves or Active Duty.


In my experience, which is limited, but all stretches of the word... We really don't get to fly much on our '1 weekend a month' just due to the fact we have so much else to do during that time... do we get our time in, absolutely, just not during that weekend....





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