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Anyone know how many Heli pilots there are

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I was wondering how many actual Pilots have an FAA Certificate for rotocraft helicopter I think I was able to find it one time on the internet. I thought it had the break down private# commerrcial# and atp#'s, anyone know a link or where I could find that info, I will keep looking as well.

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AOPA reports it every year. I think last year it was 35,000 helicopter. But since you hold the certificate for life, you really dont know how many have retired, have active medicals, etc....obviously there are a lot fewer actually flying.



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Pilfered from Wikepedia


As of the end of 2006, there were 597,109 active certificated pilots, according to the AOPA Jan. 12, 07 newsletter which cites the FAA's estimates. This number has been declining slowly over the long term, down from a high of over 827,000 pilots in 1980. The numbers include:


84,866 student pilots

242 recreational pilots

939 sport pilots

236,148 private pilots

130,234 commercial pilots

144,681 airline transport pilots

Within those groups, there were:


37,837 glider pilots

10,511 balloon pilots

41,306 rotor (helicopter) pilots

An active pilot is defined as one who holds both a pilot certificate and a valid medical certificate, so this value omits pilots who do not have a medical certificate (particularly glider, balloon, and sport pilots).





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