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we're all going to be out of work!


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That is pretty cool! But. . . does it look as good in aviator glasses as I do? I didn't think so.

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Work? your affraid of being out of a job??

I think we are all aware of what happens with the birth of "A-I". Once the machines become "aware" we are all doomed!


Neat toy non the less :D



ya know, Mr. 1 bad 32 ? ( wasn't 32 ford pretty bad too? or was that a chevy?) ANYWHO ! about yer car there in the picture?--sure is a nice one,, so? dont ya think it deserves a better "background" than a "junkpile" ? ! :o I mean C'mon, maybe a nice lake, some trees, a few naked---er i mean wild girls or animals? :rolleyes: altho? a rusty door & some old pallets is a nice to-u-c NAH ! go for the girls ! B)

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Umm,, no.

personally i like these backgrounds better:




It show's the car's real perpose, whoopin A$$ and takin names! muahahaha


Hey 1 bad


What does that car turn in the 1/4 mile. It looks like its got plenty of zip to burn rubber!


Hey Pokey, when you gonna make it back to Minnesota for a visit?




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yes 1 bad, those other backgrounds do your 32 much more justice than that junk pile. But ? as they say: "behind every man's junkpile, someone is bound to park their treasure" errrr sompin' like that anywho :rolleyes: & yes ! how fast is that puppy in the 1/4 mile?


Ironranger, no plans in the works yet. Do they still work those iron mines? I remember when i was a kid watching the trains working in the pits & hauling ore.

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On street tires my best is 12.7@118mph, here's an earlier vid from when i was still learning the car:


My best on drag radials is 11.9@122mph, here's some vid's with the DRs, and after i figured out how to use the two step:




The car still has alot left in it. With trap speeds in the 120mph+ range, most cars are running low 11's and 10's.

My biggest issue is trying to get that little 181ci engine to move 3600lbs from a dead stop, i think my awnser is in the bottle ;)

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