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Blackhawk down, the movie

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I had the pleasure of meeting Ret Col Danny McKnight over the weekend, and hearing him speak. For the younger crowd, Col McKnight was the ground commander in the lead vehicle during the Army Ranger operation which was the basis for the movie "BlackHawk Down".


Fact is, Col McKnight is a strong, decisive, patriotic man. If anyone ever has a chance to hear him speak or meet him, run ...dont walk.


Be safe,



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That's kewl. I had the opportunity of meeting LTC (Ret) Bruce Crandall of We Were Soldiers Once and Young fame (and the movie by almost the same name) this past weekend. What an incredibly humble man. It is no wonder it took over 40 years for him to receive the Medal of Honor. He told us that his friend "Too Tall" passed away two weeks ago. I seemed to have missed that in the news. Another great aviator gone.

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