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LAMA SA-315B HomeBase Add-on's

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Hi everyone,


This Topic will be about some add-on's I have Created Design for my LAMA SA-315B Rc Helicopter from HIROBO. These (Add-on's) have been a wonderfull experience to design and build for the comfort zone serunding the LAMA SA-315B that I have just received from Japan. Your welcome to join and comments.


Let's begin!


GoodDAy ! On towards my new direction in the RC hobby. I have made a jump into Helicopters and have choose the LAMA SA-315B (30size electric conversion) MRB-III rotorhead system from HIROBO. It sure was a great project to be building the Helipath Platform Tower for my LAMA SA-315B who should be here from Japan very soon.


ALPHA-1ONE-CHARLIE helipath platform tower/ Helipath platform Tower Danger "SHOT ON SITE" Copyrights ©2008


Visit My Website




I also working on a Hangar Platform (Bigger size range) for SNAGS & repair issues and also who will be use as a exercises area ZONE to load and out-load transport materials for the LAMA SA-315B to be carry via AIR as practice exercices duty pattern to be operational by summer 2009. ALPHA-1ONE-CHARLIE HELIPATH PLATFORM TOWER & LIGHTING SYSTEM / TRANSPORT MATERIALS Created by SW/LAMAHORSE / "SHOT ON SITE" Copyrights ©2008


(I have NOW received the LAMA SA-315B with the MRB-III rotor head)


NEW LAMA SA-315B DEBUT pssw0412922_400x146n.png


-30 class Lama, one of HIROBO's most popular 30 class helicopter is renewed. The new Lama has Cockpit and exterior set as standard equipment. Now, standard rotor head (Not MRB-III rotor head) has 4mm drug bolt, and SE2 clutch shoe is also a standard equipment. Reinforced engineering plastic parts are used for side cover, tail truss, etc for more strength.


S-30 Frame Series ( I will be doing the LAMA SA-315B with electric powerplant conversion system)


S-30 Frame is developed to provide specific features necessary for scale helicopters.For example,a shaft driven tail drive gives efficient power transfer to the tail system even with in a limited amount space sometimes found in scale helicopters.Hirobo's HPM control system is used to provide super smooth and stable maneuvering.

The Model with S-30 frame are 「LAMA SA-315B」



Main rotor diameter:1,244mm

Fuselage length:1,199mm


Engine class:32-36 or Electric conversion


This following LAMA SA-315B is from this pilot name (G2loq) in my area region who as inspire me to go for the LAMA as a electric machine. My LAMA SA-315B is still in the box, as I want to finish my add-on's befort any start on that project. I am presently finishing a (control tower) for the LAMA SA-315B home base at our home estate in our country region. So that way, I will have a LAMA SA-315B homebase next to our home (backyard) with a range flying zone of 1/2 miles secure area for the LAMA SA-315B. I'm so lucky!



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Hey guy's thanks for your input and your welcome words!


As you guy's are spanding alote of money on your commercial licences (60.000$ +) I have done so in the 70's with jet aircrafts. Retired from the big fully scale BIZJET scenes, I have also put a side the Rc jets hobby for the Rc helicopters hobby for now on.


As a Independent Filmmaker Producer since a fiew years in all sorts of projects, I am presently waiting on my next phootoshoot project with a helicopters compagny in my area region in the fall. The project will be on (specialize helicopters) for pilots checklists procedures use.


I'll keep you up-date on that project here.


I will display some other photoshoot of my creation design add-on's for the LAMA SA-315B that I own.


I also include the final result of the LAMA SA-315B homebase area with the Restricted Area Security fences complet with the helipath platform that could be interchange to (ALPHA-1ONE-CHARLIE HELIPATH PLATFORM).


Enjoy the view and comment are appreciated as you like!


Restricted Area Security fences & full view of the LAMA SA-315B homebase helipath platform.


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Hi everyone,


The pairs of Restricted Area Security fences are done and ready go. Size of the fence structure is : 21/in x 23/in >> Height : 17in I had some great time working design for the Restricted Area Security fences . The fences (interior-side) are equipe with 4 low location base light LED & equipe with some (360 rotations degrees system) that will light the Lama SA-315B on eachside of the helicopter in any directions I choose to do while the heli is on ALPHA-1ONE-CHARLIE helipath platform tower. It as next to each lights LED a (GPU) extension output for extra's a/c system's to be plug-in and to ready receive (110 voltage) acces out-put. A.Total of 4 extensions plug-in acces on the fences GPU Offices locations are available.


Restricted Area Security fences, Restricted acces security limit blocks, Tower lights LED system, have been created by SW/LAMAHORSE / "SHOT ON SITE" Copyrights ©2008

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Two weeks a go I have received my LAMA SA-315B from Japan but did'nt have the time to seat and open the box as I was to busy doing my add-on's serunding.


Today I will open the kit box and will take pictures of the opening process, so you (Full scale heli pilots) can have a idea of what I am talking about with the LAMA SA-315B from HIROBO with the MRB-III rotorhead system looks like from close.


Great day to be doing that here today, as it is raining and will be all week-end,,, weepee yea!!!

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Hi everyone,

I did open the box sunday and here is what a nice LAMA SA-315B model Rc Helicopter looks like !

I have'nt open to check all parts, but as my HIROBO distributor dealer as told me, they are very high qualities products for real passionate pilots re-production scale builders.


I will do more check-list on the parts later this week & to show to my buddies heli pilots friends here.

This build will take me all winter and a fiew months over next summer if all goes well. As I am not into a rush, I have to re-establish my knownledge towards Helicopters procedures towards build scale and flying scale machine. Their is alote to be add to make this LAMA SA-315B a scale flying helicopter befort even thinking to start-up the turbine,, yea start-up the turbine, as it will be a electric conversion MRB-III system, I will add a software system that make the sound of a turbine start-up and shut-off sound on my LAMA. Just one thing, it wont smell carosine at all...


Here is my album of the kit contents materials from HIROBO LAMA SA-315B:

Visit My Website


I thought maybe you would like to see the LAMA SA-315B flying with the electric conversion.

For my part, this guy's (G2loq), is the one who got me going towards the HIROBO LAMA SA-315B as my new challenge in the hobby,,, Scale Helicopter flying good times!!! Yeap! :rolleyes:

Visit G2loq Website

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  • 1 month later...

Hi yea fully scale helicopters pilots from a RET fully scale Lear commander...


I have finaly started my LAMA SA-315B fully scale project a fiew days a go, and all is looking fine on the build issues. It is a sure good helicopter kit machine to be building for my pleasure and passion and all the instructions are really well done and easy to follow.


Finaly that built "D" day as arrived...


On August 8.2008 was the day I have order the LAMA SA 315b from Hirobo Japan. It as arrived in my city on the early september month at my distributor and since was waiting in my built area bench.


As I did'nt want to built it while I was busy with my career,, now it looks like a good time to start my LAMA SA-315B (fully scale project) as summer and nice day are over and more stuff are done inside the house as hobby times goes...


Yea early morning here,,


All grey and rain with wind,, I'll breakfast then go to the store to pick-up some specialize grease and silicone to build the LAMA SA-315B. I have open the big parts bag and will do the start with a slowly way on the project today. One thing I can say,, those parts in the LAMA SA-315B kit are a real ball to look at,, and they are really well done as far as I can see.


The MRB-III RotorHead system part is looking very cool,, and heavy too. I had to see that part,,, The MRB-III is one of the main parts of that wonderfull LAMA SA-315B & is a amazing diamond,, WOw.


First part to be build is the (Elevator, aileron lever assembly) it look easy to built with very small phillips screw driver. No glue is to be apply in that assembly part but as my mentor Instructor (A MASTER) as advise me,, is to use and apply silicon with a tooth pick where the metal screw goes into the plastic part. That way it will remain fit and tight and vibration free. This way is mutch better then using the CA application process. My mentor as done this process on all his helicopters,, so I'll take that route that have been tested and remain a secure methode to do.


So finaly will be hand fully loaded all winter with that scale project...


Let's show you what have been done till now on my LAMA SA-315B fully scale project...


Built process of my LAMA SA-315B/

First parts: (Elevator, aileron lever assembly)


First part to be build is the (Elevator, aileron lever assembly) it look easy to built with very small phillips screw driver & allenkey. No glue is to be apply in that assembly part but as my mentor Instructor (A MASTER) as advise me,, is to use and apply silicon with a tooth pick where the metal screw goes into the plastic part. That way it will remain fit and tight and vibration free. This way is mutch better then using the CA application process. My mentor as done this process on all his helicopters,, so I'll take that route that have been tested and remain a secure methode to do.


The Elevator, aileron lever assembly was completed last night and all look okay and fine. For my first time building a Heli, I can say it was a little slow, but I follow the instructions from the manual and it was a ease to do with some pause in betwen process and my mentor advise.


I have also done the Part 2: (clutch bell assembly) parts.

I have'nt apply the grease on the shaft yiet, as I need to test some grease that will be apply on this part. This assembly was just great to do and all parts are just fitting great together with ease. Now it will be fit in the Main Frame assembly part for ajustment & alignment of the clutch bell location.


The part 3 assembly instruction process will not be done, as this part is about the (fuel tank assembly) and for my part I will not need this process as I will powerplant this LAMA with a electric conversion.


On the roll towards Part 4: Main frame assembly...

That one will be a little tricky. As I have to fit and ajust the clutch bell part into the main frame part. I mite have to file a little, (as HIROBO advise us to do) but till now it look fine with the clutch bell test fit, maybe a little file I'll have to do. For the next fiew days I'll be on that issue & making.


Here is the link to the buildthread Album of the LAMA SA-315B I own:

Visit My Website

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This as been,

a while since my last post on here.


Some up-date on my LAMA SA-315B (SAR) Mission Leader helicopter unit.


I have work for month with some new design on the LAMA.

As it was her 40th anniversary this year ,,, I had to re-design this beast.


All part's making got together pretty well and I am very please with the final result.

At the moment, the LAMA as been tested for the last fiew day with my mentor scale master buddy.

All seem to be going fine.


The hover as been done this last week, and detail's add-on's are been put back together little by little and test hover again till all add-on's be install and the flight hover get to proper balance and stab perfect.


Batteries are been tested towards the best result powerplant for this electric

conversion. Till now I think we have found the right propose battery for the LAMA.


As soon as the LAMA is back after all her test flights approaval ,,,

the LAMA SA-315B will be back to my homebase,,,

I will final detail's the machine to my like it then ...


Here is the hover video's from this past week.

All is looking smooth with the weighty getting near the 11 (lbs) flight weight.

It will be a little more when all will be in place.


Lights system will be add and other biger mainrotor and tailboom blades will be add to it also.


The New design LAMA SA-315B (SAR) helipad with night light landing facility:

Visit My Website


The New design LAMA SA-315B (SAR) HOVER flight test:

Visit My Website


Soon it will be ready to fly. Fall season 2009 will be my time to enjoy it at her best

& at my own private heliport Air-Station facilities in our backyard estate.


Enjoy the New LAMA SA-315B (SAR) ...

For the 40th anniversary of the LAMA this year!

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