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CFI renewal/re-instatment

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My CFI expired a while ago unfortunatly. I had over given over 10 endorsements for practial tests with only 1 person who didn't pass on their first attempt. I gave my endorsement record to our POI and he said he'd take care of it. I wasn't able to get to a town with a FSDO during this time so I told him I could fax him anything he needed. Well a couple of weeks later I find out my CFI is not going to be renewed and it was to late to do so. The POIs excuse was it was kind of his day off and I did not give him an 8710, I didn't know I needed one as this was my first renewal. I'm currently training for my helicopter add-on ratings. I really love flying helicopters and would love to make a career out of it. Now I'd love to get my CFI back as I worked hard for it and feel I could contribute to aviation safety with my experience (over 800 dual given), and would be doing a service for my small community in Alaska so people don't have to drive 4 hrs for a CFI. I am a company instructor for the company I work for here in AK in airplane SEL SES MEL so I can and do instruct guys for initail and re-current training regularly.


My questions are this does anyone have any know if it's possible to re-instate my fixed wing CFI ratings by getting a helicopter CFI, one FAA guy here says no, and the regs seem to say the same thing. Anyone have any experience with FSDOs doing anything like this. When it comes to my helicopter CFI how does that work, I mean I'm a CFI, just not current so is it still an add-on or do I have to start all over? Do I have to take the ride with the FAA which is next to impossible to schedule, or can it be done with a DE? Right now (as always I suppose) both time and money are a huge concern and I don't see the point paying an arm and a leg to fly a C-150(I'd rather spend the money on helicopters, more fun and useful, plus it's been awhile since I've had to pay to fly an airplane :D ). I'm barely going to be able to afford to finish my helicopter as it is. Any help or advice would be greatly appreicated!




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I'm in the process of getting my CFI now and interestingly enough that very question came up on a stage check - Once your CFI expired the only way you can get it reinstated is to retake the practical. If you pursue your rotorcraft CFI it will not be an add on since you're not current, and it will not reset your expired CFI. So your best route is probably to retake the fixed wing and then do the add on. You should be able to do a check ride with a DPE, though. Best!

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it may sound silly to you but you are no longer a CFI and should not be providing instruction. You will have to retake the CFI checkride. Not sure if you have to retake the writtens. I'd get the fixed wing first then do the add on. Good luck man

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