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Seeding costs per acre in a Bell 206


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I am curious how much a Company that provides Seeding with a Bell 206-B3 would charge somebody per acre ?


I spent some time last night on the internet and found prices like 3.50 $ up t0 17 $ per acre.


Sure, the price depends on what AC will be used and how many people "crew (pilot, fuel truck driver, ground crew .. etc)" will be involved on the site.



I know the price is different from company to company but is there anybody who can tell me


the average price PER ACRE for a Bell 206 B3 , with pilot and ground crew ?


And how many acres can you cover a day “min, max” depending on pilot skills ?





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I don't have any numbers for you specifically for helicopters but i dug out an old price list from back in my F/W days just for comparison. We charged by the acre in this case. It ranged from 8/9$ for 20# dry herbicide, 100# fertilizer 9.50, up to 400# for 23.50$


Depends alot on field size and shape, of course. We never did any R/W dry work when i was there but i always thought it could work very well in the right situations.


You may try to post on this site to get a more ag oriented audience. http://sprayplane.net/forum/


I work in MN on occasion, where are you at?


PM if you want


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