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Well I wrote a response to someone asking about flying the JetRanger at a discounted rate in the LA area in another post but realized that it had been hijacked enough so I am posting it separately for those that are interested.


I flew with Phillipe at HeliClass in Van Nuys and feel very confident recommending him. He is a great instructor and a blast to fly with.

I did a turbine transition, then some hour building to my CPL requirement (was cheaper by the hour than the 300cb's I was flying!) and actually did my CPL checkride IN his JetRanger. It was great. By doing so I felt that it would show on my resume that not only was I able to fly a B206 around LA (big deal right?) but I was able to fly it well enough to pass to CPL standards in it. That way, when a potential employer saw that I had B206 time, instead of them thinking "oh, ya he can fly a JR straight and level for 'X' hours" it proved that I could actually fly the machine through all maneuvers required for CPL. Maybe this has been an advantage to me, maybe it hasn't but it doesn't hurt I know that.


I am not affiliated with them in any way other than I did receive training there so here ya go.


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