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AFAST Study Material

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Hello all,

My name is Alex, currently deployed to Iraq right now, and in the process of submitting my Warrant Officer packet. Had a few general questions regarding the process, as well as General Helicopter Knowledge study guide material.


As for the Packet itself. As an active duty member, currently deployed does anyone have any good information on the process for getting this packet squared away while Im over here.


2. I have 2 pins in my ankle, had to get a waiver when I joined, however I'm curious to see what kind of issues I am going to run into for the flight physical, I have talked to 2 CW4's and a CW5 and they said I shouldn't have a problem with it, but they aren't flight surgeons, and If anyone had some good information. It would def. ease my mind knowing that it will not disqualify me from WOCS, and IERW school.


3. As an active duty member, will I have a better chance at getting boarded right away for WOCS. Rather than a prior service or a civilian?



As for study guide material... I'm not having an issue with any subtest on the AFAST other than the General Helicopter Knowledge portion. Looking to get some good resources for study information. (anything will help)

I currently have the Master Military Flight study guide and took the practice test, and missed 36 questions, most of them being on the Helicopter Knowledge.


other than those couple of things, I just need to get to a FOB that administers the AFAST and get the flight physical out of the way, and I will be well on my way.


Thanks in advance for all the help.



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Try FM 3-04.203 Fundamentals of Flight. You should be able to get it off AKO




If you want a cross check from the civilian world there's the Rotorcraft Flying Handbook




I'd probably stick with the FM for studying for the AFAST

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I got the FM, looks pretty extensive....Any areas that need to be looked at more in depth or would a general overview of the FM be a better choice...Thanks again

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