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Pilots with pets


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I am interviewing for a job which will send me overseas to an area under combat for 6 months to a year (Iraq or Afghanistan). I have a large lab who is my best friend and usually goes everywhere I do. He can't go with me on this trip and I am at a loss for what to do. Can anyone recommend a solution. I do not want to give him up and if that is the only option I would turn down the offer, but the money is very good and I want to explore all options. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey permison,


My brother is joining the Navy, and I know he is working with an organization that will temporally find a foster home for his dog while he’s in the Navy. The only thing is that I'm pretty sure it's only available to people who are in the military.


I'm not sure of your current situation but are you in the military?

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