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Bell 47 or similar "copy" of one

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Any schools in northern/central FL, south GA, or AL that use 47's or an knock off copy type for training? Looking to get a few hours in one. Most I've seen still in use are the single seat converts for AG work. I'm trying to make myself a bit more marketable to prospective AG companies.

Anyone know of any down this way and not in the upper east or out west?

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Get your CDL (at least class B) with the Hazmat endorsement. It's about as easy as getting your normal drivers lisc. the 1st time. That will help.

Yeah, have had those since 99, just re-took my hazmat so I'm good.


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Well, I just got back from going up to see John Prox at Enterprise Helicopter. What a great guy he is! He is an advanced Instrument instructor at Rucker and has a lot of years flying AG.

I had a bunch of rust to knock off as I'd not flown since Dec. 15th. Add to the fact that I was doing it in a ship I'd never flown and one that requires throttle and needless to say I was a tad "out of the zone" for about the first 30 minutes. He did compliment me though on how fast and how well I did pick up using a throttle. He told me he's had guys come in with 1-5k hours of turbine etc and that the throttle control kicked there butt for a few hours. All in all I had a great experience and learned some great stuff, but because I am hard on myself and always want to do better I was displeased with how I felt that I did, but he told me I actually did a great job, better than he expected from a 200-ish hour Robbie only pilot, so that made me feel better. The ag training was a BLAST, although more than a couple time I could taste my seat. I've got a lot yet to learn for sure and hopefully with my job as a ground crewman for an ag sprayer I will soon get to. For anyone looking to get a Bell 47 transition course and has pondered AG flying I'd definitely recommend going to him. Learning what I've learned in just the 5 hours I did has boosted my confidence, as it was waning with the long time period of no flight.

Money well spent in this VERY real world flight training, even if you don't wanna do AG, the maneuvers for it will totally transfer to all other areas in a great way.


Thanks John and to Rogue for recommending him.

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Awesome! glad to hear that.


yea I just saw John the other day up in Enterprise, so I guess he got his cast off now then!


super great guy and fantastic instructor!!! i guess its all his teaching experience at Rucker I don't know but he definetly was great at setting me at ease and building my confidence.


PS - how'd you like his STC'd console, that's a little funky ain't it?



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