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Why AG Helicopters vs AG fixed wing?


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I dont know much about AG aviation and was wondering why someone might choose to use an AG helicopter over an AG fixed wing.


I would think the helicoper would be better over difficult terrain, but other than that, I'm assuming it would cost much much more than the fixed wing?


What types of applications are lending themselves more toward the heli?

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From what little I know, it depends, Helicopters are preferred for fields where there is little room for a plane to maneuver and where the ability for the helo. to land and refill at the site versus a plane having to go back to an airfield make it more cost effective. Some on this site work in the field and could tell you more.

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I am a AG pilot and I fly Both Fixed and Helos.

the helicopters are used for applications for High gallon per Acre work,

the fixwing is ushually used in work that uses less than 10Gal per acre.

the helicopters do 10-20 Plus. we do fixed wing on row crops and helicopters on orchards vineyards. but back east helicopters are being used more and more even on big fields.

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