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pictures from the field


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In the last pic:

What are you spraying? Your nozzles are so few and spread out. We have nozzles every 5-10 inches and spray usually 10 - 15 gpa when we spray clear cuts, and are doing site prep or release.

Just wondering why your set up is so spread out? Do you fly extra high to allow the chemical to spread out better so you don't get streaking?

I'm new to all this stuff and only have the last 6 months in this area and only as a ground crewman, so I am pretty limited in what I know at this point.


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Ok, so your killing bugs and not vegetation, so a complete even spray pattern without gaps is not necessary, I guess. It's 64 oz of chem per acre but at what spray rate is the sprayer spaying? We are on a job right now where were are spraying one chem at 64 oz another at 32 and then a dry mix a 24 oz per acre, but we are mixing it in the batch tank at a spray rate of 10 gal per acre, so we mix 500 gallons in the tank, ie 50 acres at 10 gpa, and the chemicals as appropriate for each batch tank.

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yes -- bug work at hatch -- raw chem only no carrier -- rotary atomizer very uniform droplet

starts out about 6 " rotation expands greatly reving at about 5000 rpm. Deposition very good and consistant no gaps. Low volume work so 100 gallons goes a looong way.

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