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I know this is short notice, but I'm ferrying an R22 from Seattle KBFI to Pemberton BC CYPS on Wednesday the 11th. It will be about 3 hours and involve a cross border flight. I have a spare seat if anyone wants to come along. I'm a CFI so I can log dual given for a pilot or student.


You would need to meet me at BFI 11:00 am at the latest, and take a bus back from Pemberton BC just north of Whistler. Must have a passport.


Sorry I couldn't post this sooner, but if anyone wants to come for this ferry give me a call on 604-938-3742

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I really hope someone took advantage of this opportunity. If I didn't have a broken shoulder I would have been all over it. Told some of my classmates here in Bend, OR but I guess no takers. Thanks for the offer

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Thanks for all the kind words. I had 2 people who spoke with me on such short notice but unfortunately neither could quite pull off getting to Boeing Field, and then bussing back from BC to commitments.


I've done this flight 6 times in the last 2 months and this is the second time I was solo. So thought why waste the potential for someone to get some hours. There will likely be another opportunity so I'll post again.


It was beautiful with the new snow on the mountains. Took 2.9 on the Hobbs.


If any one wants to see the route I have a Spot Messenger which tracks the flight. Go to www.findmespot.com and login. Password: Riddler Username: Whistlerpilot


Hit satellite and you can see the actual route taken on google earth.


I'm doing time building and flight instruction in WA and BC. If any one wants to come fly here in the mountains give me a shout.

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Also in PDX area as well too. I'd like to have a heads up if you got a flight that way. Thanks for keeping us informed and helping your brothers out :D

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