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Helicopter holidays?! (in 9A)


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We are considering to start to offer some holidays (working)

by combining nice island on Adriatic with accommodation and

decent priced B206 fly option with free landing and handling

on local Airport (grass runway) see http://www.ldsh.eu

and some near islands helipads.

Local weather is good for flying near whole year

see more on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hvar


JAR FTO will be available soon

Considering TR for B206

Safety pilots in case of pilot low time, available

Some special training possible like hot&high or work with

long line sling or fire fighting in real machines like Ka 32 or Mi171


Like to hear your opinion :?:

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:Deep Breath:


Ok, so, heres what I've come up with. This person is asking our opinion on a vacation package s/he wants to put together, including accommodation on an Adriatic island off the coast of Croatia(link). From the wiki article about it, seems like a pretty sweet vacation spot. The helicopter is mentioned because its being considered as a part of the package. Thats right, vacation on the Adriatic, with flight time in a 206 included. They also plan to offer a safety pilot if you're not up to snuff or if you're one of those poor fools who wants a front seat in a turbine and no stick time.


JAR Flight Training Organization means they're intending to make training available on-site, which could also be nice if you're the richie rich-type and want to do some turbine flight training on your European vacation.


These things sound nice, but its really a matter of cost, and from the sound of it we should be thinking its a five figure vacation, something us Americans aren't really in the market for these days. If you're instead thinking to cater only to the wealthy, then its a necessity that you have training available on site, and I would also look to see what ultra-luxury hotels offer their guests, and add some of those things to your list.



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