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Help with helicopters? Which is best?


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Hello, I am looking into purchasing a helicopter for medical business purposes. I want to use it as an ambulence overseas, but I'm not sure what to look for in a helicopter. I like the idea of the double engines, I would prefer to fit up to 6 people in it.

Some of the brands I'm looking at are:


Sikorsky (either s76, s76D, s76C++)




Which of these is more suitable for the purpose I listed above?

What is the price range I'm looking at for each of these?


Thank you

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A warm VR howdy and welcome to the board.


You've identified manufacturers that produce some very contemporary and capable craft, but the information that was provided is a bit too simplistic. There are many factors well into the crude details that need to be asked (i.e., where is typical operating environment, DA, types of transport, equipment, range/mission duration, total crew, so on). Obviously, an operator like Airgreen in Italy who provides med transport + SAR in the alps has much different need than, say CalSTAR, Careflight or REACH here in 'Kellifornia'. Besides, the helicopter is the operational tool for the HEMS operation, and depending on where the operation is located, there's going to be a lot more regs... I would suggest further input and possibly contacting Ron or Shannon Bower for professional assistance IMHO(info@bowerhelicopter.com or 512-345-1292/Austin, Texas).



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