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SRT Helicopters, how'd they do it??


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Trying to figure out how SRT Helicopters got the M-1 Visa approval w/out being a 141 school...everything I read on homeland security says must be a 141 school...it's pretty black and white, who do you have to screw? Any insight into this would be very helpful.


Ask them. Chris posts on the JH Alternate forum (and has a thread about their M1) as SRThelo.

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There was no "Screwing" to it. If you read the regs, you do not have to be a 141. Now, having said that, you pretty much have to run your school like a 141.


We have established curriculum, a 100% first time pass rate for all of our students and that is without having a DPE on staff, and using multiple examiners.


There is a whole lot more that goes into it, and if you really want to know then e-mail me directly.


Hope that helps.



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