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First comercial jet pack


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Since I'm still asleep I'll be brief.


You can't walk when you wear it.

Jets? No. No jets.

Its huge.


Until I can fly like the Rocketeer, you shouldn't claim your jet pack is finally here, unless the jet pack in your fantasies was also the size of a deep freezer and needed landing gear.

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I think mythbuster's problem was improper fan/ducting design. That combined with a small engine and heavy building materials.

I think it's cool as hell....advances in power plants will make it small enough to carry around....I remember mythbusters tried to make one, but couldn't get a small/powerful enough engine.
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jet pack? not really - more like a fan-pack

useless? yes - can't even bring a bag or a camera

dangerous? yep (I don't think that parachute will help much under 100ft AGL, or when the thing tips over on the ground)


Do I want one? YES!



advances in power plants will make it small enough to carry around

200hp 2-stroke, and 250lbs all up weight sounds like they are already pushing it regarding engine weight and power. The only way to do better than that would be a turbine, like a RR300 or a C20.


200hp is enough to power a R44 with 4 people on board, so these small ducted fans can't be very efficient..

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