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Flight Instructor Weight Limitations

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I was just wondering if anyone here that has trained at Bristow Academy, more specifically the New Iberia campus. Is there a weight restriction for the flight instructors? Are they flexible with it, and what is their restriction/cut off for weight?


Also do they have a weight restriction for students?


I know what they fly, just wondering what their rules were?

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Not as much for the 300's as the robbies. It has to be approached logically though. There were one or two instructors there about 250 or so. Obviously if someone is around 300 pounds it will probably be an issue. There were also some fairly hefty students too. It can lead to issues with how much fuel you can take. If you can only take 20 mins of fuel on each flight then your flight training will be seriously affected.

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Thank you for your reply. I still have over a year before I will start school there. I was just curious about what Bristow Academy, New Iberia limitation/regulations were. I will not be near 250lbs, but it sure is nice to know that if you are still on the heavy side there is a chance for you to complete your training and get a job as a CFI. I'm looking forward and know that the training and change in career will be A LOT of work but also a lot of fun.

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