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My flying skills...........

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The guy who wrote the great, good news story about his rescue of the Hummingbird gave me the idea to pass on this little story I wrote last year. I had bought one of those little tiny indoor remote control Helicopters and got pretty good at bugging my wife by blowing her hair all over while she was trying to relax and read her book.


Since this time, I've gradutated into a fully articulated model and now fly with the hawks, when I can catch one close enough.......






At 0600 on the dot, the boss came by to remind me to treat these passengers with the greatest of respect, for going up with me as their pilot tonight was none other than Joe Robinson. He was doing a check ride on our newest and best Helicopter to date. The Micro Mosquito, Blade Runner Series.


On this run, Joe was asking me to "Push it to the limit", so I was truly excited about the chance to show off my piloting skills. I have to admit I was a little nervous also because he was telling me to take the "Fast and Low" approach across the kitchen desert with the tile updrafts and the heating stove so close by causing tremendous turbulence vortexes.


Lift off was a breeze from the bottom of the Dining room cavern. As I got close to the stove things got a little dicey but with my excellent piloting skills, we made it through with no more than a small nosebleed from Joes nephew. As we entered the landing pattern toward the kitchen sink counter, a sudden updraft from the hot water sitting in the sink created an unforeseen downdraft, pulling the Mosquito straight into the bubbly abyss.


As soon as we hit the water, all the lights and instruments went dead. I thought it was all over and this would be the last flight of my life, when a giant hand grabbed the Mosquito and set it back on the counter. The giant then took the machine into the bathroom and used the blow dryer to dry the electical circuits. After all the emergency maintenance, the Mosquito was not responding at all and we assumed it would need a complete overhall or a replacement with a new one should that fail.


My co-pilot (wife) told me to give it a rest and maybe it would be ok. So with a lump in my throat and a slight tear in my eye and almost no hope, I let it rest in the hanger and went to eat dinner. After dinner, I ran back out to the hanger and "It's a miracle!!!". She started right up and has been running fine ever since.


So the moral of this story is always stay away from wetlands in an indoor remote control helicopter and never assume the worst always happens. Sometimes life hands you something that you handle because of all your hard core practice and egomaniacally driven wierdness.

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