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Warrant Officer Color Vision Question

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OK this is my first post so please give me a little slack. I am a Reserve Marine prepping my package for WOFT and when I first enlisted (1999) I was told I was slightly color-blind. I recently took a fixed wing private ground course and instrument course and have passed both. While attending the private course we were taken to the flightline and shown the light flashes the towers use in case of radio failure. I was standing next to my instructor and told him exactly what colors were being flashed. I have since taken the lantern color test and told I failed. I have also taken several reverse color vision tests and passed those. I'm worried that I'll fail my flight phyiscal and never be able to fly. I can tell the difference in red and green lights except when taking that one test. Does anyone know what the process is for requesting an alternate color vision or if I'm pretty much stuck taking the lantern test? Thanks.

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