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Helicopter donation for an A&P school


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I have some friends that run a great A&P school here in Broomfield, Red Stone College. They asked the other day if i knew of anyone that might donate a used R22 for their students to train on.. They have an MU2 and a Lear that was donated and they can offer a tax write off if necessary. They also have a small budget that they could spend on the right helo. If you know of any please send me an email:




thanks & aloha,



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You might have them check out an Army surplus store. I know of a college here in Washington state that picked up a flyable Huey that had an unknown amount of cycles on the mast for like $700.00. They also got three more non-flyable Hueys that were in pieces to be used for parts. They said if the general public were to have purchased the helicopter the price would have been like $20,000.00, but because it was for an A&P training school they got a big discount. It's not an R22 but it is a helicopter. You also might try Scott's Bell Helicopter. He maybe willing to donate a Bell 47. Just some ideas for them to ponder. Good luck.



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