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my packet

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Hey yall,

Since I screwed up and posted this in the wrong section. So my packet is going to ft. rucker after 6 months of babysitting my recruiter. Just want to know what y'all think my chances are. Here's my stats:


29 year old male

120 gt


285 PT

Flight physical passed

66/75 on batt board - strongly recommended

2 years as a black hawk mechanic in the guard

3 years active duty as infantry scout (15 months deployed)

4 year degree with gpa of 2.56

1 year post ba with gpa of 3.4

6 LOR- 2 AF MSG's, 1 ex boss, 1 old PL, 1 navy CAPT



I wish my GPA was better and I had some private flight time but I do not. Think I have a chance? Comments opinions would be great!





April 4th 2011

I just got a call from my recruiter. Selected!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Everyone has a chance. Your prior service should give you some help, and your AFAST score is good. All I can say is go for it.


Yeah I went to the Battalion board on MAR 10, so it should go to ft rucker's board this month? Are the board dates on the warrant officer website are only for active duty personnel? Or are they for everyone? I type my SSN and name in the "check status" page and they do not have me listed. Wierd, any advice on this?

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