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Tornado/Storm damage

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I had an emergency call out on Saturday for power lines down in western Alabama and saw some serious damage. Transmission line structures knocked down and scattered, houses destroyed, trees down everywhere. Got to one hill where the GPS said there was a 900'tower but there was none to be seen. Then I saw it crumpled in some trees on the ground. Saw numerous spots where a tornado touched down out in the wilderness and left a path of smashed trees. It was a long windy day mostly spent at around 40kts ground speed, took off at sunrise and got back to the hangar after dark. I have some pictures I will put them up ASAP.

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I did a damage survey flight for the NWS a couple years ago. We had about 8 tornadoes pass through the area and plenty of extensive damage... It's pretty neat to be able to see the exact width and path of the tornado, and the awesome force they are.

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When more tornadoes came in I never got the chance to post pics from this original storm but the damage from this round made the other look like nothing anyway. I flew over 4 or 5 tornado tracks that literally went to the horizon in both directions. One looked like a 1/2 mile wide bulldozer went through Tuscaloosa. We are still flying power line damage and will be for the next few weeks. The most transmission structures I had ever seen knocked down on one emergency call was 6 or 7 two weeks ago. These tornadoes knocked down over 300.



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