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New member, just wanted to introduce myself. I am a Corporal in the Active Army, and have been in for about 4.5 years. Promotions in my MOS (91B, wheeled vehicle mechanic) are pretty hard to com by, since points have been pegged at 798 for a couple years. There have been a couple of small drops, but only about 20 points, and only for a month. Since promotions are very hard to come by I started looking into re-classing, but then my father-in-law suggested that I try to get into the WO program to become a pilot. I had thought about it bet hadn't been up in a plane for a while, and have never been in a helicopter. He is a pilot, so to bump me along he took me up in one of his planes. He has a Citation Mustang twin engine jet, a small engine Cessna, and a twin engine Piper. The jet is more like flying a computer, so we went up in the Piper. After we took off we flew over the mountains, and he told me to fly it. I probably only flew 40 miles, but it was quite an experience, and it convinced me to put in a packet to fly helicopters.


I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, in the Kabul area. The officer who does the flight physicals said that he wouldn’t give me a physical until I had proof that I passed the AFAST, because they had people getting physicals then failing the test, so it was a waste of time for them. My GT score is 121, so I didn’t have to raise that at all. I wanted to take the test about 2 weeks ago, but all the testers were on leave, so I had to wait until today. The test was much easier than I thought it would be. Since I was the only one taking any kind of test at the Ed Center today, he graded my test on the spot. The score he gave me isn’t "official" since it has to get sent out for verification, but he said I scored a 147, +/- 1 or 2 points. I’m looking forward to getting the rest of my packet together, so I will probably be on here a lot reading old threads looking for advice.

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Welcome aboard, Cpl. DK!


Your test scores are great. Keep on trucking and feel free to ask around here if you have any questions - there are several members who have been selected for WOFT lurking around these parts at the moment. Motivated hard-chargers are always welcome.



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