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I'll take a swipe at this one being a former Army National Guard Pilot. Depending on your FAC level (flight activity level) you had certain flight minimums to obtain. These minimums are called semi-annual minimums. So every 6 months you had to have flown a certain amount of time. In the UH-60 a FAC aviator had to fly 40+ hours total within the 6 month period. Also, you have to fly certain modes of flight such as night vision goggles, instrument. The flight minimums are different for each aircraft but are the same between Reserve and Active Duty.


So short answer in the Reserve you'll most likely fly between 100-150 hours a year. Talking to my active duty friends this about the same number 100-150 hours. Of course if your deployed I've seen guys get over 800+ in a

year. Also, if your an instructor pilot you'll fly more giving APART and RL Progression training.


Please forgive my spelling wrote this on my iPhone Joe

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In our unit, FAC I crews have 48 hrs every 6 months as their minimum. As a full time technician and a maintenance test pilot, I got 230 hrs per year the last two years. A lot of that was aircraft deliveries for our unit and other units.


BTW, How's it going CPT?

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Rob you can call me Joe now. I'm doing good working as a full time pilot for American Eagle flying the Embraer 145 jet out of Miami. You guys deploy yet? Stay safe out there!

Yeah. Living the dream in the desert. I'm outside of Diwo.

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Same info as everyone else here.. Basically, if you're meeting your semis as a new aviator, you'll get at least 100 a year. I only got about...250 on deployment. I had an unfortunate deployment location, though. Mileage may vary, as always.

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Speaking from a guard standpoint on the Apache, our minimums were 140hrs/yr. 70 per period with a max of 12 applied from the sim and 58 in the acft. As stated above IPs/SPs always pull way more than that. Some guys would have trouble making mins depending on where they lived and what job conflicts existed. You were guaranteed not to make PIC if you couldn't make your minimums. Also as stated above, deployments are big hours boosters. I pulled 250 in 9 months and that was on the low side because I hadn't made PIC yet and was just a CPG.

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