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Finally, after waiting 10-weeks (since delivery) my Enstrom 480B is in the air as of last Friday (May 27th). I've already put 15 hours on it!


PHOTOS AND VIDEO TO FOLLOW SOON ... But first ... my observations:


-Turbine smoothness and power can not be easily described. But there's a bit of a pucker factor when starting because of the potential to ruin the engine!


-The 480B is rigged to pick up and hover with neutral pedals (no left power pedal needed). On cruise power, only minor power-pedal needed. When you cut or lower power ... massive right pedal needed for S&L, Turns and approaches.


-Having no hydraulics is not as smooth as the Robbie, but it gives you a "solid" direct feel -- which is good but not as nimble as the Robbie.


-The four-position trim is immediate in response and makes it possible to literally fly hands off.


-The 480B cruises effortlessly at 100 KIAS. The cyclic is actually smoother at higher speeds.


-On the ground the 480B has a slight "wobble" due to the strut shock absorbers.


-Lifting power is incredible! High performance take-offs no problem with a few and a bunch of fuel in Denver on a hot day!


-And it is R-O-O-M-Y.


That's it for now!


More to come.

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-And it is R-O-O-M-Y.


Roomy like they built it for pro basketball players. You could be 6'9" and 350 pounds and fit into that thing no sweat!


Congrats, I know how much you will enjoy flying it.

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Why did you have to wait to fly it?


It had never been registered in the US, so it required an airworthiness inspection from the FAA, an annual and a lot of deferred maintenance (mostly minor things).


With paperwork, parts shipping, installation and inspections ... it just took a lot more time than I expected.


UPDATE: I am now up to 24 hours in the 480B. Getting to know it quite well!

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After flying the 480B for several hours (and previously a little time in the 280FX), I can say with some certainty that Enstroms LOVE right pedal.


My flying seems to be either neutral pedals or variations of right pedal. With extreme power-on settings I use only a little bit of left pedal ... but anything less requires neutral or right pedal. In fact ... some approaches ... with very low power settings require almost full right pedal.


I think it's because that tail rotor is right out there, with no obstructions ... giving it a lot of authority. It does not take a lot of power to keep the nose straight and without a lot of power that TR just wants to crank my nose to the left (thereby needing right pedal).


In contrast ... the R44 uses mostly varying degrees of left pedal.

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