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Tours in Hawaii


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What are the goods and bad with the tour companies in Hawaii? There are a few operators.


Who are the best/worst to work for? Blue Hawaiian seems to be the biggest which doesn't always mean it's the best.


How is the pay? I see on some websites that they offer some benefits.


What are the work schedules like?


Is there a typical hiring season? What is the busy season? I'd guess the winter but that's just a guess.


Do they all require 2500 hours?


Any other info from other's experience would be great too.


If some one had 2500 hours with 1000+ turbine time but no eurocopter time are any of the EC operators willing to transition you?


Just curious for the future. It's sounds like it'd be a fun job for awhile. I've heard stories about locals not liking others coming in but that's the same in any town. I know it's expensive and you're stuck on an island. I'm just curious about the operators.

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My impression is that it helpful if you already have some time flying there if you want a job there. Hawaii, like Alaska, can be pretty different from the rest of the country when it comes to weather especially. Just an impression though - I haven't had the good fortune to go there (yet).

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I just wrote a one page paper response and then deleted it. I feel a lot better now that I vented all of that...


Simply do yourself a favor and stay out of Hawaii. Its the last place you want to be a pilot for many reasons.

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