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There has got to be an easier way


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A week ago I was flying to my local airport to get some instruction to prepare for my check ride. I was feeling good because I just passed my CRH written that morning.


I was about a mile north of the LZ when the without warning the engine went silent. The rest is in the paper. http://www.timesbulletin.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=169487&SectionID=2&SubSectionID=4&S=1


This was in a Rotorway and the cause was from inside the engine. Fuel and ignition system was in working order. This isn't the first time its happend and this time it made me think is it worth it?. I know this Scorpion is an old machine but its all I can afford. I guess I'm posting all this in hopes of finding another way of gaining experience.


I've seriously thought about selling and going to a school to finish my ratings, but, from reading this form it looks like those ratings are worthless without the hours.


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I don't know much about Rotorways but I thought they had that reputation for not being reliable. Again I have not experience with them so my opinion doesn't mean anything.



As for flight school it's worth it if it's what you want. There are a lot of pilots out of work but there are also a lot of pilots working. I would think getting your time at a school would give you more connections to this industry as opposed to just flying your own helicopter around.

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Dude, you done well.


When the engine quits in anything, and it don't matter how many you got- survival is the first priority, using the helo again is secondary. All engines fail: Pratts, Turbomecas, Rolls, Lycs, any of them, they'll any and all quit on you. And, if the donk don't go, the drive train might. You did GOOD.


These are tough times for new pilots, perhaps tougher than ever. You gotta have hours to progress in the biz. Is it worth while to continue to operate the Scorpion? Up to you, but kudos on the forced landing.

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