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So is anyone else here an avid flight simulator fan? I get by microsoft flight sim x which i find alot of fun but I wish it had more mission and not so much "free flight". I also tried xplane 9 but that wouldnt run right on my computer. Anybody know of any other good ones? I understand they're training value is minimal but I did get an understanding of vor and ils from it. And I can actually hover a robbie in it. Please share your thoughts!

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I like it! The closest thing to "real" is the dodosim for FSX and FS9. It's an add-on that cost around 50-ish? The airframe is a Bell 206 in various schemes. Dodosim has LTE, VRS, what seem to be realistic flying characteristics, plus a ton of other "situations" you can encounter in real life. (Ive never flown a 206). Start out a difficulty level 1 then work up to 5. When I was doing instrument training I used FSX quite often, even though it was frequently inaccurate on approaches, etc.



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Thanks for the heads up on dodosim ill check that out. And I gave take on helicopters a try anyway and it worked! It's a pretty fun game but I can't run it at its highest quality like I do fsx. I want to get a collective and foot pedals but I can't find a collective for a decent price.

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