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Air Methods vs Air Evac Lifeteam

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Hello everyone, I am looking at going into the EMS field in the next couple of yrs. I feel that I would be very rewarding :D . I am unfamiliar with EMS and debating which company to try for. Info on any of the companies would be much appreciated but specifically I am looking at Air Methods and Life Team.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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Who knows what the industry will look like in two years......wait until you're about 6 months out then start looking at all the options. There's no telling what impact the NTSB, FAA, and Obama will have on HEMS.


Don't limit yourself to those two operators, there's plenty others out there: Metro, PHI, Med-Trans, etc.


You'll find that most are about the same. Benefits are a little different for each, might have a better helicopter / living conditions / etc. If there's a low base pay, there's probably tons of OT to be had and you can make a lot more money.


Find out where you want to live then look at the operators within an hour's drive. Stop by and talk to those bases on back-to-back days so you see different crews. Whichever one bitches the least is probably the one to choose. Notice I said, "bitches the least"--the ones that tell you how great their company is, then trash the competitors is usually full of it. Conversly, the one that complains about their own company and tells you to go to the competitors is usually not lying. Pick the middle of the road--the one with the "whatever" attitude: cool with where they are and doesn't care about the competition. That's where you'll find me.

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Great Advice everyone! It is much appreciated!! I also have some other questions I have about 70 hrs of night (in helicopter) and as I understand it I need to get at least 100 night hours to fly EMS. Are the companies picky about night hrs? In other words I am wondering if I can get my fixed wing license and get the rest of the required night hours in a plane which would be cheaper and give me some different experience or just bite the bullet and get the rest of the night hours in a helicopter? I have all of the other basic hour requirements for Air Methods and Air Evac to give you an idea.

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