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I have just recently noticed how many people on VR are using and adapting GoPro Hero and Hero II cameras for aerial video. The growing desire, especially with the new Hero II capabilities, to record ATC and flight comms has gotten me interested in how I may help. (Without voiding warranties) While I have knowledge on the audio side, I need some help from the guys in the sky. Having never actually looked into the hookups on a helo before, so what are they like? connector types and how everything actually hooks between aircraft comms, and actual transmissions it what I'm looking for.


I have made a similar post in an older thread but I was hoping to get a faster response out here. My main goal is the map out a way to adapt all aircraft audio into a single line flow and into the desired camera, GoPro or other. If anyone has a chance to snap a pic or two of their cockpit and comm that would be awesome as well. Just looking to help.

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Most helicopters are using the single plug military style which has 4 contacts 2 for the mic and 2 for the phones. I think it's a U-92 but don't have one handy to check the number. It's single channel audio so should fit right into your setup. They are readily available on ebay with the headset for under $50. Some civilian models may use the general aviation arrangement which is 2 separate plugs. The audio plug on that is just a single channel similar to an electric guitar 1/4 inch diameter.

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My DC headset plug says U-174/U , it has 5 wires and I assume (yes I have been told what "assume" stands for) that 2 are for the mic and 2 are for the reception, with the 5th being the ground. The headset is a David Clark model H10-76XL and has ENC. there are 2 plugs going into the battery box.one is a 5 pin connector (aircraft side) and the other is a 10 pin connector (headset side). Got anything that can pig tail to a go pro betweean the battery box?

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