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WOFT Questions

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Hi everyone,

I am very interested in submitting a Packet for the WOFT program. I had asked my local recruiter about the program, and was told that the program didn't exist, and then that it was only for High School students and lastly that I wasn't competitive enough.


After talking with him I did some research and found the selection rates for civilians last year, and that the program is in fact open with boards taking place this year. I just recently took my Asvab and scored a 97 with a 137 GT line score. I had a physical done as well, 20/20 vision and no other health problems. I also shouldn't require any waivers.


However the local recruiter was still adamant that the program was not going to work for me, but I could enlist and pick a job right then and there. I told him I would like to take the AFAST and that I would have a better idea of where I stood after that.


I am currently studying for the Flight test and should also have an associates degree completed by the summer with a 3.0+ GPA. I feel confident in the letters of recommendations that I can have written for me.


I have a few questions about the program.


How difficult will it be to get my recruiter to schedule me for the AFAST, a flight physical, and a Battalion Board Interview?


My goal is to get a packet together by the July 13th cutoff date as to be ready for the Sep Board date.


How often are Boards being canceled?


When would the next board after Sep most likely be?


Are the boards listed on the USAREC site for civilians or for those inservice? Are the civilian boards every month instead of every 2?


If selected what is the average wait time before shipping out?


Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You.


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