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I did all my training at Heliventures! Great people and very well maintained helicopters. Excellent training areas for some real world flying experience. They were real upfront about how challenging getting a job when I graduated would be. That sold it for me! Any flight school can take your money and teach you to fly, but they really seemed like they care and don't want to take advantage of anyone by selling them a dream.

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Does anyone have any feedback on the following two flight schools for private and commercial training:


Heliventures, Concord, NC & American Helicopters, Manassas, VA



What areas of the country are you willing to travel to?


The two schools you listed, obviously are East Coast/Southern States. Upper Limit is expanding its operations to West Memphis, Arkansas. We have a partnership with Mid South Community College. The program for the most part mirrors our relationship with the Salt Lake Community College in Utah. The main difference being, you can dual rate at West Memphis. We will have fixed-wing aircraft at that location along with rotor-wing.


Both programs are Part 141.

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