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MLH Pilot Training Software


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Has anyone purchased any of the MLH pilot training software being advertised on this page.?


Opinions and review please. The preview and ad looks great!





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Hey Mike,


I am a low hour student and I have purchased all three of the software products from MLH. The Racoon software is very very island specific and may not be of much use to most of the heli population. I enjoy visiting the islands every year so for me its great scenery and get to learn some of the radio communications of the island that my wife and I have a 2nd home on.

The preflight software is very good for a beginning student in r22 and r44 situations.

The maneuver software is very nice from MY standpoint as I am in the process of learning these basic maneuvers as I prepare for my checkride. It would be great reference for most students early on but not so much the later on in hours a person might have. It has very good layout of pre maneuver explanations, an animation of the maneuver, a video of the maneuver then Ben Fouts (the owner of MLH and FAA examiner) gives his opinion of what the FAA examiner might be looking specifically for from that maneuver for the check ride. My heli training is in Oklahoma and I don't have any affiliation with MLH other than just a fan of cool gadgets and software. Also, My training is for a second career later on as I am a practicing Dentist for my primary funding of my hobby!! HaHa





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thanks for the feedback, it explained very well for all that read your post what the value of the material is.


I also do not have any affiliation with MLH but I am familiar with them and thought the software was well done.




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